A Gorgeous Outdoor Living Space that Your Family Will Love

When the weather turns nice, many people want to start spending time outside. If you’re someone who loves the outdoors, you should consider creating a fabulous living area on your back patio so that you and your entire family can enjoy the fresh, open air. To get the most out of outdoor space, you’ll want a covered patio that feels comfortable, looks welcoming, provides functionality and will create that gorgeous outdoor living you’ve been dreaming about.

A Gorgeous Outdoor Living Space that Your Family Will Love

Tips on Creating an Outdoor Living Space

Comfort — Instead of a dull-looking concrete surface, cover your patio in beautiful granite tiling. You’ll love the elegant look and how the tiles feel beneath your feet. Atop the tiling, arrange a seating area with rattan furniture and thick cushions. Include a sofa-length lounger and two or more chairs with ottomans for the ultimate in comfort. Place a couple of small tables at each end of the sofa where you can set drinks and snacks.

Ambiance — To create a genuinely cozy atmosphere, have an outdoor fireplace installed. For a stylish look, use granite to accent this impressive feature. Imagine sitting outside in front of a fire on cool nights while you’re chatting with friends or family. Your patio will quickly become the favorite spot in your home for everyone and a great entertainment space whenever company arrives.

Functionality — Complete your outdoor living space by constructing a small cooking and food preparation area on your patio. A built-in grill and an outdoor sink will make fixing meals outdoors a pleasure. Include cabinetry storage below and a gorgeous granite counter on top for a stylish and functional space. If you have room, set up a table on your patio for dining or place a picnic table in your backyard to use when the weather permits.

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