Kitchen Trends: A Chic Island Design

One excellent way to update the look of your kitchen is to install an island or change the design of your current island. To achieve a genuinely chic appearance, consider an island shape or color that doesn’t follow the norm. Kitchen Trends: A Chic Island DesignKitchen Trends: A Chic Island Design

Waterfall Island – One gorgeous design that is growing in popularity among homeowners is a waterfall island. This design consists of a countertop that flows elegantly down both edges of the island and stops at the floor. Choose a stylish-looking stone such as marble in classic white with gray veining for an awe-inspiring appearance. Match this stone with medium gray cabinetry for a coordinated look that everyone will love.

V-Shaped Island – Another chic design is a V-shaped kitchen island, which looks especially fabulous if you have an open-concept layout. This shape of island adds a look of depth to your kitchen and makes it appear more spacious. Select a granite countertop with two or more colors intermingled in the stone that will match well with the rest of your decor. Rich-looking, wooden cabinetry on the inside portion of the island and horizontal wooden planks on the outside of the island will create a distinctive appearance.

Oval Island – If you or any of your family regularly bump into the edges of your island and end up bruised, you might want to consider a design with a smooth, oval top. This unique shape will add safety as well as a very modern appearance to your kitchen. Choose a solid-colored quartz countertop with a little sparkle sprinkled in for a spectacular look. Update the look even more with an unexpected color choice for your island cabinetry such as black, yellow, or even red.

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